Dr. Simon Thompson

Simon Thompson

Chief Researcher, Customer Experience, British Telecom Research

Simon Thompson holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire and a Ph.D in Machine Learning from the University of Portsmouth. His thesis was titled "Distributed Boosting Algorithms" and described a shared nothing parallel machine learning system, which is not that special now, but this was all submitted in 1997. Simon joined BT Research and worked on Autonomous Agent research for several years participating in significant collaborative projects including CONOISE with the Universities of Aberdeen, Cardiff and Southampton and Agentcities with many universities and companies across Europe. Recently Simon has led a group developing Social analytics's and monitoring systems providing service to over half a million BT customers, and has founded a research practice at BT that is implementing novel big data infrastructures and technologies for BT's internal business and BT's customers. This work has involved collaboration with MIT where Simon is BT's representative in the BigData@CSAIL consortium.