Accreditation Guidelines

Any of the following may obtain accreditation:

  • Holders of an officially recognized German press pass
  • Holders of a valid ID issued by one of the following associations: Deutscher Journalistenverband (djv), Deutsche Journalistinnen- und Journalisten Union (dju), Deutscher Fachjournalistenverband (dfjv), IG Medien, BDZV, VDZ, Ver.di
  • Persons holding an International Press Card issued by the IFAJ in Brussels
  • Holders of cards issued by the following professional associations: UIPRE, TELI, DFJV, VDM, FIJET etc., provided that such organisations are cooperating with ISC’10
  • Analysts who can provide proof of employment

Journalists (max. two journalists/magazine)

  • Who can provide a press card or submit a letter of authority from an editorial department (letter on original headed notepaper, no copies accepted) commissioning them to visit ISC or can provide documentary evidence of such authorization in which they are named personally
  • Who can submit an imprint listing them as one of the publication’s editors, journalists or freelance authors
  • Authors must submit the title of a current book and its relevance to the particular fair
  • Foreign press representatives who can provide some form of proof of their membership of the press, e.g. a press card from their own country, submission of a newspaper imprint
  • Members of recognized organizations of foreign press representatives (Foreign Press Association etc.)
  • Documentary evidence may not be more than three months old

Accreditation will not be granted to the following:

  • Persons without any evidence in authority
  • German nationals residing in Germany who present a foreign press pass
  • Persons holding press cards that have not been issued by associations or organizations which have been accepted by the German Conference of Ministers of the Interior
  • Persons whose press cards have expired
  • Persons for whom the confirmation of journalistic status has been provided by other freelance journalists, in particular relatives and spouses
  • Persons with company ID from broadcasting stations, agencies or publishing houses, and who do not have a commission from an editorial office
  • Persons holding a pass issued by a company or organization but without an editorial commission
  • Due to the fact that the internet is freely available to all, making it difficult to establish the authenticity of applicants, anyone working for internet-based editorial departments will only receive accreditation if they can submit a recognized press card. Exceptions: Internet-based editorial departments or publishing companies e.g. Spiegel Online etc.