100GE-Workshop - September 28, 2011 - Mannheim

The workshop will inform the german speaking delegates about the results of this unique cloud project.

It will take place in Mannheim (Bootshaus, Hans-Reschke-Ufer 3) on September 28, 2011 and be held in German. More information about the registration and the program can be found on the TU-Dresden Website.

Background of the project

Alcatel-Lucent and T-Systems have achieved an industry first by connecting high-performance data centers of the Dresden and Bergakademie Freiberg technical universities with a 60 km link using commercial 100 Gigabit/second (100G) connectivity that leverages both IP and optical technologies. This unique combination enables unmatched end-to-end scalability, performance and compatibility across core, edge and metro networks. The data on the 100G link between the two universities are processed in real-time and are being transmitted on a single wavelength - an industry first.