Newsletter Issue 1

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first issue of the ISC Cloud ’12 newsletter. From now until the conference begins on September 24 in Mannheim, Germany, we will bring you program updates and exclusive stories and insights, such as blogs and interviews. Please mark September 24 and 25 on your calendar today!

The international conference on HPC and Big Data in the Cloud is now in its third year and has grown into a very important meeting for members of the high-performance computing (HPC) community who want to understand the HPC Cloud. In this year’s program, you’ll notice a profound focus of the use of Clouds for mainstream HPC as well as for Big Data Processing. So, why not take some time to browse through the website to learn more about the conference, the speakers and the conference topics?

What we do best is to unite the academic and industrial communities in a collegial and inspiring atmosphere and for a common benefit.

We look forward to welcoming you in Mannheim in September!

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gentzsch
ISC Cloud General Chair

Register Now and Save 25 Percent!

We are glad to announce that the ISC Cloud’12 conference registration is now open. If you’re attending ISC’12 in June on a full-conference passport, you are also entitled to 25 percent off the ISC Cloud’12.

To apply your discount, please use the code – cloud4isc-2012 when registering.

Preliminary Agenda

The conference program will focus on the use of Clouds for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data. The conference sessions will cover the latest and hottest issues, based on recommendations from the 20 HPC experts of the ISC Cloud’12 Steering Committee, and the following topics will be discussed during the ISC Cloud’12 sessions:

  • Industrial Clouds - Best Practices
  • Research Clouds - User Experiences
  • Engineering Clouds - Commercial Software in the Cloud
  • Big Data Cloud Computing
  • Panel: HPC Cloud Challenges
  • Vendor Panel with our Conference Sponsors
  • Interactive BoFs on Hot Topics of HPC and Big Data in the Cloud
Industrial Clouds – Best Practices

In the last few years, many service providers and industry users have adopted cloud computing, offering and using a wide spectrum of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services for data- and compute-intensive workloads. We have selected a few interesting industrial use cases which demonstrate lessons learned and which provide recommended practices for compute- and data-intensive applications in industry and commerce.

Research Clouds – User Experiences

Academic users apply cloud computing to very different workloads, from administrative tasks to processing huge amount of ‘big’ research data, from computing scientific grand challenges to simulating complex application workflows. The challenge often is to find out whether and how cloud computing is suitable for scientific computations and big data processing. This session will provide answers.

Engineering Clouds – Commercial Software in the Cloud

Until recently we have considered the current licensing models of the ISV independent software vendors being a roadblock for the adoption of cloud computing especially by small and mid-size enterprises. This is now changing. More and more ISVs have started to experiment with cloud computing and to adjust their licensing models accordingly. In this session we learn from the experience and the results of these ISVs.

Panel: HPC Cloud Challenges

For many organizations, there are still several important critical aspects in the cloud which need to be identified, evaluated, and addressed. In this session we will look at potential obstacles to cloud adoption, such as security and trust, compliance, outsourcing, performance, virtualization, pricing, payment model, software licenses, choice of service provider or private cloud builder, network bandwidth, and integration of all of this into the existing business or research processes.

Panel: Meet the HPC Cloud Vendors

ISC Cloud’12 conference organizers and participants are grateful for the conference sponsors’ financial support and commitment. Therefore, this vendor panel is of mutual interest, both as a joint platform for the vendors to present short summaries of their actual HPC cloud offerings and customer case studies – and for interactively answering important questions from the audience.

Parallel BoFs on Hot Topics of HPC and Big Data Cloud Computing

Here we are encouraging our conference participants to form 3 discussion groups of their choice around hot topics and critical aspects of HPC and Big Data in the Cloud. During the first day of the conference we will invite participants to suggest topics with the need for further discussion, and the audience votes for the most popular ones. These topics will then build the parallel BoFs where the hot HPC Cloud topics will be discussed in more detail.

A Blog on ‘HPC is Getting Crowded’

Until the recent years, HPC was a computing ecosystem with specialized (highly parallel) architectures, abundant number of commodity components and high-performance applications running for hours and days. A bunch of tools and experts were able to glue it all together. There was a continuous evolution of HPC concepts, processors, interconnects, memory hierarchies, compilers, and software tools. That was the time when expectation was big and the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) was small!
To continue reading the rest of the blog post, please click here.

ISC Cloud Sponsorship is Now Open!

This year, ISC Cloud will again host a tabletop exhibition alongside the conference and a panel session with our sponsors.

If you want the become a sponsor of the ISC Cloud conference and exhibition in Mannheim, please contact Ms Anna Schachoff at,
(Phone: +49 (0) 621 18 06 86 20, Cell: +49 (0)163 3739358 ).