Today's Realities and Challenges of HPC in the Cloud

ISC Think Tank

"Today's Realities and Challenges of HPC in the Cloud"

sponsored by HPCwire

The idea for producing the series stems from the ISC events team and HPCwire, official ISC Cloud'11 Media Partner.

These moderated panels are comprised of HPC’s leading thought leaders from the analyst, industry and end-user communities in discussions around HPC in the Cloud.

The sessions were filmed during ISC'11 in front of a live audience at the CCH-Congress Center Hamburg.

ISC Think-Tank Vendor Panel

with Dieter Kranzlmüller, Dan Reed, Josh Simons and Christian Tanasescu

ISC Think Tank End-User Panel

with Wolfgang Gentzsch, Kenichi Miura, Per Oster and Tom-Michael Thamm

ISC Think Tank Analyst Panel

with Tom Tabor, John Barr, Steve Conway and Addison Snell