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Christopher Porter







Chris Porter, HPC Cloud Product Manager, IBM Platform Computing


The Value of Private Cloud for High Performance Computing


While cloud computing presents many opportunities for organizations to improve efficiency and realize bottom-line business advantages, there are also barriers to adopting public cloud-based solutions – such as security, licensing and pricing. This presentation will delve into the value and best practices of deploying a private cloud and how to leverage cloud technology to fully utilize resources within your organization, as well as examples of when it makes sense to expand to public cloud services.


Chris Porter, HPC Cloud Product Manager, IBM Platform Computing. Chris is responsible for the HPC solution space. He has more than 15 years of experience in HPC, both from a user standpoint at The Boeing Company and from a vendor standpoint at MSC Software, where he was the lead architect in the HPC division. Chris’ expertise in this area has sped the adoption of HPC Cloud, cluster and grid technologies in several industries, at customers large and small. Chris holds B.S. degrees in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering and a M.S. in Aerospace