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Frank Baetke






Dr.-Ing. Frank Baetke, Global HPC Programs, Hewlett Packard Corp.


Providing Demand-based Compute Resources for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises


HP and Intel have transformed the economics of high performance computing, bringing breakthrough innovations into the realm of industry-standard computing. For most larger companies active in sectors like manufacturing, energy, exploration or financial services, large-scale simulations are commonplace using in-house cluster-based HPC infrastructures. In addition, on demand-based HPC resources, available as internal or external cloud infrastructures, are becoming a critical complementary resource or a viable alternative to in-house resources.

More recently smaller and medium-sized companies have started to use cloud-based HPC-resources not only to accommodate varying load scenarios but as an alternative to local HPC environments. In this scenario, cloud computing infrastructures need to address HPC application-specific challenges to remain competitive. It is interesting that academic and research institutions have stepped in not only as providers of resources but also as centers of competence, training and consulting.

In this talk we will discuss these new options and related challenges and outline how advanced cloud computing environments are evolving to overcome the challenges and evolve to be a viable computing environment.


Dr. Frank Baetke works for HP's High Performance Computing Division (HPCD) with a focus on technology programs for industry, research and academia. He has been with the HPC industry for more than 19 years and holds a master degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in engineering and a Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.) in applied physics. He has published numerous contributions in the field of high-performance computing and related areas. He is a member of GI, ACM, IEEE and the Max Planck Society.