Computer 02

Jens Jensen






Jens Jensen, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


Clouds and Security at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


Clouds are useful for many things, but they can not replace existing research infrastructures. For scientific computing, we need to understand when clouds are useful for supplementing existing resources, when we can do things wholly in the clouds, and what the limitations are - e.g. in trust and security, or in performance, user management. This presentation will explore several aspects of the use of "cloudy" resources for scientific research, some from a high level ("can we trust
the cloud with our data") and some from the practical infrastructure level ("how do we get our data into the cloud"). Practical examples from state-of-the-art EU projects such as Contrail and StratusLab will be discussed.


Jens Jensen received his PhD in maths from the University of Aarhus, Denmark. He currently works for the Science and Technology Facilities Council, one of seven UK research councils where he is head of the data services group in e-Science, and leads the grid storage and data management group in GridPP, the UK grid for particle physics. He is Area Director for security in the Open Grid Forum (OGF), and a member of the OGF standards council. He leads the security work package in the EU-funded Contrail project, a project building federated cloud services for, among others, life sciences and high performance scientific data processing. He is the CA manager for the UK e-Science certification authority, and occasionally does other things for the national grid service. Most of his work is in data security, datamanagement, and identity management infrastructures; in the past he has also done work in maths, quantum information theory, quantum cryptography, and various aspects of e-Science.