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Josh Simons








HPC Architect, Office of the CTO, VMware, USA


HPC Performance in the Cloud: Status and Future Prospects


Throughput-oriented HPC applications generally run very well in a virtualized cloud environment with little or no performance loss. Does this mean cloud computing will be limited to these application types or can a broader set of HPC application be supported as well? We will briefly review the state of HPC performance in cloud environments today, present experimental results for more challenging workloads, and discuss the prospects for future HPC performance improvements in the Cloud.


With over 20 years of experience in High Performance Computing, Josh currently leads an effort at VMware to bring the value of virtualization to HPC. Previously, he was a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems with broad responsibilities for HPC direction and strategy. He joined Sun in 1996 from Thinking Machines Corporation, a pioneering company in the area of Massively Parallel Processors (MPPs), where he held a variety of technical positions. Josh has worked on developer tools for distributed parallel computing, including language and compiler design and scalable parallel debugger design and development. He has also worked in the areas of 3D graphics, image processing, and real-time device control. Josh has an undergraduate degree in Engineering from Harvard College and a Masters in Computer Science from Harvard University. He has served as a member of the Board of Directors of OpenMP since 2002 and is currently serving as Chairman of the Board.