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Matt Dunbar






Matt Dunbar, Chief Architect, SIMULIA


Realistic Simulation on the Cloud


Realistic Simulation on the Cloud: SIMULIA is the Dassault Systemes brand responsible for providing simulation capabilities in the V6 Platform. SIMULIA has been working to make its flagship Abaqus-based structural finite elements products accessible via the cloud, and the effort has revealed that execution on the cloud provides opportunities, but also presents obstacles. This talk will focus on experience SIMULIA has had with different cloud solutions, the opportunities end users can derive from running simulation on the cloud, the cloud-local performance bottlenecks seen running on the cloud, and the challenge of graphical postprocessing of data generated on the cloud.


Matt Dunbar is the Chief Architect for SIMULIA. Matt joined SIMULIA in 1993 and has held a variety of positions in the company since that time. For much of his tenure he has focused on developing parallel capabilities in the Abaqus simulation products to deliver the application performance required for complex simulation. He has also taken responsibility for the compute environment used by SIMULIA to develop and support the Abaqus products. Matt holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University.