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Rolf Sperber






Rolf Sperber, End to End Solution Architect, ALCATEL-LUCENT, Germany


Clouds and the Cloud - Optimized Access to Climate Data deploying an "Infrastructure as a Service" Cloud


Clouds play a vital, albeit partly still unclear role in our climate hence they are subject of increased activities of weather and climate observers, as well as climate modellers. This will further add to the amount of data to be considered by the scientist working in climate research. An "IaaS" cloud approach would simplify access to datasets stored at geographically disjoint locations and help researchers to concentrate on their tasks."


Rolf Sperber began his career as a system administrator for mainframes. After that, he worked for a system integrator planning local area networks for mainly municipal administration bodies. Since May 2000 Rolf has been working for Alcatel / Alcatel-Lucent as a consultant specializing in research networks and advanced networking techniques.