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Tom-Michael Thamm







Tom-Michael Thamm, Director, Software Product Management, NVIDIA Advanced Rendering Center


Advanced Renderings in Clouds


NVIDIA’s new virtualization of the GPU will have a pro-found effect for the cloud. The Advanced Rendering Center of NVIDIA has developed 3D visualization technology, which uses the cloud as scalable compute source to render and stream images to the client. During the presentation we explain how the rendering technology uses the cloud architecture.


Mr. Thamm is Director for Software Product Management at NVIDIA Advanced Rendering Center (ARC) in Berlin Germany and is responsible for all software products, such as NVIDIA mental ray, NVIDIA iray, and NVIDIA indeX. He is managing and coordinating with his team the customer support as well as the general product definition and positioning. Mr. Thamm is working for NVIDIA ARC and before for mental images for over 20 years. He has led several key software projects and products, such as the new NVIDIA indeX product for geo-spatial visualization of huge seismic datasets. He has studied Mathematics.