Earl Dodd

tl_files/isc/images/Speakers/Dodd_95x98px.jpgPresident & Chief Cloud Computing Officer, Ideas And Machines, Inc

Earl J. Dodd is passionate about helping organizations achieve better results with supercomputing, cloud computing, extreme analytics and 3D story worlds. Earl's technical focus is on strategy formulation for ultra-scale architectures and 3D visual collaboration environments leveraging the evolving cloud computing business model. These strategies will help drive the next generation of computationally-steered workflows, applications and decision support environments.

Earl was the Executive Director and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Centers, Inc. in Montana - a first-of-a-kind public-private partnership (P3) focusing on the HPC cloud as an economic development engine for the region. Earl has held leadership positions with IBM, Fujitsu and Cray Research. Earl started his career with Getty Oil Company's Research Division and then Texaco Research. He holds BS and MS degrees in Mining Engineering from Montana Tech and an MBA from Tulane University. Earl is actively engaged with the U.S. Council on Competitiveness, White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, The Society of HPC Professionals, Compute Canada, Ontario Ministry of Research & Innovation (MRI) and other professional organizations and government. He resides in Cypress, Texas and travels globally.