How to Put Your Data on the Cloud & Still Sleep at Night

Bruno Crispo, University of Trento

Cloud computing is an emerging paradigm offering companies (virtually) unlimited data storage and computation at attractive costs. It is a cost-effective model because it does not require deployment and maintenance of any dedicated IT infrastructure. Despite its benefits, it introduces new challenges for protecting the confidentiality of the data it processes. Sensitive data like medical records, business or governmental data cannot be stored unencrypted on the cloud. Companies need new mechanisms to control the access to the outsourced data and allow users to query the encrypted data without revealing anything to the cloud provider.

Most current security schemes support an all-or-nothing access model to the data that is too coarse-grained. This talk will present the last developments in the area of encrypted queries aiming at supporting the expressiveness of SQL queries and yet keep the data secure. The talk will also highlight what are the main challenges researchers still need to face to make these new results ready for the market.