Juan Enríquez

tl_files/isc/images/Speakers/Enriquez_95x98px.jpgCEO, Analisis-DSC

Juan Enríquez founded Analisis-DSC in 2002, and today it is the leading CFD consultancy company in the Iberian market (Spain and Portugal). Analisis-DSC was an Ansys reseller for the meshing and CFD businesses for the Iberian market between 2004 and 2007 and is still a sub-distributor of CEI products for the Iberian market. Prior to that, he was a research engineer at VTT Energia and technical consultant at Stremwise Finland, of the Aerosol Technology Group (ATG) of VTT Energia. ATG-VTT is a world leader in research and development of aerosols in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and energy field. Juan took part in several scientific publications on CFD related applications while he was working at VTT. His education has been always related to CFD. He holds a BSc in Aerospace Engineering, 1995, from SUNY Buffalo, USA, and a MSc in Aerospace Engineering, 1998, from the University of Cincinnati, USA. He completed a MBA in 2002 at Instituto de Empresa, Spain.