Keynote: HPC & Supercomputing – On Our Way towards a New Utility

Jason Stowe, Cycle Computing

What happens when scientists and researchers are no longer limited by fixed-size compute and data capacity? Better, faster science. From small research labs to start-ups to Fortune 500s, the combination of Utility HPC, access to scientific big data, and cloud are making impossible possible in life sciences, CAD/CAM, finance, energy, and physics.

This session explores how organizations are running large-scale HPC workloads, using utility high performance and high throughput computing, with lessons learned from several real-world examples including Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, PacificLife Insurance, Schrödinger, and others. Based upon these case studies, we'll then discuss evident trends that will forever change how computational science is done, now that 10,000 server clusters can be used for 11 hours to do 40 years of science for as little as $4372.