Computer 03

High Performance Computational Life Sciences – The Challenge for HPC Systems

Monday, May 31, 2010, 1:30pm – 6:00pm, Hall 3

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'Computational Life Sciences' is becoming a strategic discipline at the frontier between Molecular Biology and Computer Science, impacting medicine, biotechnology, as well as society. 'Computational Life Sciences' span a whole set of research topics to better understand how the components of complex living systems interact and give rise to life and how their malfunction causes disease. The large size of biological data sets, inherent complexity of biological problems and the ability to deal with error-prone data all result in large run-time and memory requirements. At the ISC’10 we have organized a special session about 'Computational Life Sciences' that will provide a forum for discussion of latest research, to fulfill the growing interest from the public and the scientific world. With eight presentations from internationally known key scientists, the session will cover a broad spectrum of topics at the interface of HPC and Life Sciences from macromolecular structures, bioinformatics infrastructure to pharmaceutical and medical applications.

'Computational Life Sciences' is fast emerging as an important discipline for academic research and industrial application and is one of the most challenging Supercomputer applications for the future.