Computer 03

Thomas Sterling Puts the Past Year in Perspective

Wednesday, June , 2010, 5:15pm – 6:00pm, Hall 3

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Wednesday Keynote: HPC Achievement & Impact – 2010

A highlight of the International Supercomputing Conference every year is the retrospective review of the achievements and impact of the progress made during the preceding 12 months. 2010 is no different and this year, 2 A.P. (after Petaflops), promises to be among the most exciting as dramatic leaps in technologies, deployed systems, breakthrough computational accomplishments, and new methods and tools are identified and discussed. New multicore chip architectures from the major vendors, the building blocks of many of the prominent supercomputers worldwide, will be identified and described to track the growth and trends in performance opportunity. A number of the groundbreaking systems incorporating these and other key components will be characterized as new thresholds in sustained Petaflops scale performance is achieved around the world. Reflecting these advances will be noteworthy computational science accomplishments exploiting these new capabilities and deployed resources. Every year the HPC community acknowledges the important contributions of some of its colleagues through the Cray Award, the Fernbach Award, the new Kennedy Award, and the Gordon Bell Prize. With sadness we will remember those of our community who have passed from our company. This presentation will look forward through the eyes of new initiatives building towards the extremes of performance even to Exaflops. As always the presentation will conclude with the “Canonical HPC System” a design point that represents the more widely used components, sources, and scales over the preceding year.