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Prof. Dr. Helmut Merkel

EurAsia Global Concept, Manager & Shareholder, Peking, China

Born 1949 in Achern (Germany); Business Administration Degree at the University of Mannheim; 1980 Ph.D. Degree. 1980-1989 Career as Consultant, Senior Consultant, and Executive Director in a European Consulting Company (Sema Group); 1989- 1993 CEO of a European Software Service and Consulting Company (DAT AG). 1990 appointed as Professor at Mannheim University; 1993-1999 Managing Director and Board Member of DEICHMANN Group, an International Retail Company; 1997 founder and shareholder of IM+C AG, a Mannheim based Technology Research and Consulting Company with focus on International Retail and Prologue Consulting, Cologne. Prologue is a 4PL Supply Chain Management Service Company. 2000 Executive Board Director of KarstadtQuelle AG, in charge of crossfunctional IT, Logistics, Group Buying. 2003 CEO of KARSTADT Warenhaus AG. Successful Restructuring until 2006. Since August 2006 in charge again as Board Director (ARCANDOR AG) for IT, Logistics, Group Buying. Resigned December 2008.

Since 2004 Chairman of the Supervicory Board of GS1 (Global Standardization “One”), Germany. 2005 President of the German Retail Association BAG, member of the presidual Board of the national Association of German Employers. 2007 President of the International Group of Department Stores (IGDS).

Since January 2009 own entrepreneurial activities in Europe and Asia, based in Hong Kong (IM+C AG, Prologue Asia Pacific Ltd., EurAsia Global Concept Ltd. Hong Kong, Beijing). Representative Functions in Asia for Otto Group, Hong Kong and Altavia Group, Shanghai.