Computer 02

Prof. Dr. Satoshi Matsuoka

Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, National Institute of Informatics/JST CREST, Japan

Satoshi Matsuoka is a full Professor at the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center (GSIC) of Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech). He is the technical leader in the construction of the TSUBAME supercomputer, which became the fastest supercomputer in Asia-Pacific in June, 2006, and continued to be Japan's #1 for 4 consecutive Top 500s during June 2006 - May 2008. He has also pioneered Grid computing research in Japan, and in particular co-lead the Japanese NAREGI project, whose aim was to develop and foster research grid infrastructure in Japan. Currently he is designing TSUBAME2, which will be heavily GPU accelerated and will likely be the first Petaflops supercompuer in Japan. He has chaired many ACM/IEEE international conferences, including the technical papers chair role for SC09. He has won many awards including the JSPS Prize from the Japan Society for Promotion of Science in 2006, from his Majesty Prince Akishinomiya, for the first time as a Computer Scientist.