BoF Sessions

In our birds-of-a-feather (BoF) sessions, like-minded ISC attendees get together to discuss selected HPC topics in an informal atmosphere. Each BoF session addresses a different topic and is led by one or more individuals with expertise in the area. Now that we have alloted 60 minutes to each session instead of just 45 minutes, attendees will have more time for networking and sharing their thoughts and ideas.

Out of all submissions, a subcommittee of the ISC Steering Committee has chosen the following 24 BoF sessions for presentation at ISC'13; BoF sessions can be attended with an Exhibition Pass, a Research Pass or a Conference Pass:


Tuesday, June 18

BoF Sessions 1 – 4

BoF Sessions 5 & 6

BoF Sessions 7 – 10

BoFs 11 & 12


Wednesday, June 19

BoFs 13 – 16

BoFs 17 & 18

BoFs 19 – 22

BoFs 23 & 24


Steering Committee

The members of the ISC Steering Committee are distinguished HPC experts and decision makers who provide guidance on the conference program and help enhance publicity, acceptance and growth of ISC in industry, research and academia.

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