Welcome to the ISC Industry Track!

This brand-new track will run parallel to the main conference program, and is designed to help you make informed decisions about acquiring and operating high-performance computing (HPC) systems.

To just name a few, our topics include HPC provisioning concepts for the industrial sector, independent software vendors & their HPC products, HPC-accelerated innovation for industry and various case studies from SMEs demonstrating how HPC can help to produce better products while reducing risk, cost design and production through better up-front analysis and decision-making.

Two years ago we addressed the topic of HPC and middle market via an ISC workshop at ISC’11 and the insights we gained back then revealed that there’s a huge potential for European SMEs in manufacturing and engineering but because of manifold issues, including the complexity of the simulation tools and HPC compute resources, many SMEs are shying away from modeling and simulation technologies.

We hope our two day program on June 18 and 19 will help bring about a change in attitude because we continue to observe SMEs in sectors like engineering, aircraft, car, bioscience, physics and chemistry remain aggressive on competitive and changing markets because they improve their competitiveness through successful deployment of HPC systems/ industrial HPC applications. In other words, HPC has opened new market opportunities in Europe for these businesses that were not possible in the past!

Come talk to our speakers who represent SMEs from engineering and manufacturing sectors who use HPC to revolutionize the design and manufacturing of a wide of range of products.

For a full picture of the program, please refer to our industry track abstract.

By the way if you are interested in the leadership and innovation strategies big players like Intel and NVIDIA adopt, exciting keynotes await you. Check out the full five day conference program here. The ISC is the largest conference and exhibition in Europe that allows you excess to the greatest minds and largest players in the field of HPC.

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Hans Werner Meuer

ISC General Chair

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