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Conference & Exhibition Guide
Conference & Exhibition Guide
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Satellite Events
| Tuesday, June 18
05:15 pm − 06:00 pm
Tuesday Keynote
CCL, Level +1, Hall 1
Arndt Bode, LRZ & TU München
05:15 pm − 06:00 pm
s Law 2020
Stephen S. Pawlowski, Intel
In the Evening
endor Parties
Various Locations
There will be various vendor-organized parties held in different locations
in Leipzig on Tuesday, June 18. Please visit the exhibitors to receive your
invitations, as some parties are by invitation only.
07:15 am − 08:45 am
IDC Breakfast Briefing
CCL, Level +1, Hall 4
09:00 am − 01:00 pm
Workshop on International Cooperation
on System Software
for Trans-Petascale
CCL, Level 0, MPA 4
William Harrod, DOE
Takahiro Hayashi, MEXT
Yutaka Ishikawa, University of Tokyo & RIKEN AICS
Solutions to growing challenges to performance growth in the era of manycore
and accelerator technologies will only be fully realized through international
cooperation in adoption and collaboration in development. Over the preceding
year a number of early initiatives in pair-wise international cooperation have
been undertaken. One such meeting was at SC12 representing bi-lateral
coordination between the US Department of Energy and the Japan Ministry
of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology in collaborative R&D
and international standardization of system software for post-Petascale
performance. A second meeting was a multi-day workshop between
representatives of the EU and Russia on system software and tools. The
proposed workshop at ISC’13 will expand on this first meeting and extend it
to the full international HPC community. The purpose of this workshop is to
announce initial draft plans, to discuss how to extend this activity in the world-
wide HPC community, and to initiate international working groups. Topics to
be discussed will include i) pre-standardization interface coordination, ii)
collection and publication of open data, iii) system evaluation and analysis,
and iv) standardization of mature technologies. The workshop will be
conducted in two 90 minute segments. The first session will report on progress
of planning between the US and Japan. The second will report and discuss
opportunities of broader cooperation among a wide-array of nations and
international programs.
09:00 am − 01:00 pm
Messehaus, Level -1, M08
Valentina Huber, JSC & Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn, TU Dresden
The goal of the UNICORE Summit is to bring together researchers and
practitioners working with UNICORE in the areas of Grid and distributed
computing, to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and latest
research results on all aspects of UNICORE.
Since the first UNICORE Summit in 2005, the organisers have received and
reviewed a significant amount of distinguished contributions. Those selected
and presented, complemented by invited talks, guarantee exciting Summits
and lively discussions about the state-of-the art and the future of UNICORE,
Grids, and distributed computing in general.
Participate to share your experience, present your own developments, present
planned developments, learn about the latest UNICORE features and get new
ideas for interesting and prosperous collaborations. The detailed program is
available at unicore.eu website at the
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