Conference & Exhibition Guide
Conference & Exhibition Guide
General Information
Sunday, June 16
Monday, June 17
Tuesday, June 18
Wednesday, June 19
Thursday, June 20
Wednesday, June 19 |
Satellite Events
07:45 am − 08:45 am
EOFS/OpenSFS Breakfast Panel
CCL, Level +1, Hall 4, CCL
Frank Baetke, Hewlett-Packard &
Hugo R. Falter, ParTec Cluster Competence Center
EOFS, the European Open File System Association, and OpenSFS, the Open
Source File System Association, invite all who are interested in deepening their
knowledge about the involved partners, the future development trends and
issues of open parallel file systems to attend the ISC’13 Breakfast Panel.
In this year’s panel we will maintain a clear focus on Lustre
excluding other interesting concepts and ideas. We will open the panel with
an introduction delivered by EOFS and OpenSFS Board members and short
statements by the participating panelists. It will include organizations and
vendors active in the development, promotion and support of open parallel
file systems, representing the suppliers. The panel will also include major
organizations and HPC centers that use those file systems, representing
the consumers. We will engage both groups in a lively discussion about the
roadmaps and planned features and functions. We will also include critical
questions about the necessary prioritization in case there are divergent and/
or resource intensive development requirements. If time permits the audience
will be invited to provide comments and questions.
09:00 am − 04:15 pm
SPPEXA Workshop
CCL, Level 0, MPA 4
SPPEXA, “Software for Exascale Computing”, is DFG’s strategic Priority
Programme 1648 to address fundamental research on the various aspects
of HPC software. This SPPEXA workshop consists of invited talks by Pete
Beckman (Argonne National Laboratory) and Chuck Hansen (U Utah) as
well as talks on the research and current findings of four SPPEXA research
consortia. The event closes with a round-table discussion on the potentials
and limits of simulation and HPC. Guests are Rafaela Hillerbrand (TU Delft),
Friedel Hoßfeld (Jülich Supercomputing Centre), and Omar Ghattas (U
Texas). The discussion will be moderated by Patrick Regan (TUM Institute for
Advanced Study). The detailed program is available at the SPPEXA website
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