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Dynatron Corporation
Booth: 624
Dynatron excels in manufacturing both AC and DC fans from 25mm to 200mm. We also provide for
OEM customers any custom-design thermal solution products. These include active coolers, passive
heat sinks, heat pipes, blowers, water coolers and many more. Our branded thermal solutions are
widely integrated into desktop PCs, servers, workstations, notebooks, gaming machines, and
storage systems.
E4 Computer Engineering
Booth: 267
E4 Computer Engineering design and manufacture high performance computing systems (from
workstations to HPC clusters) for industrial, scientific and academic purpose as well as for DC and
research centers. Thanks to our expertise and the excellent quality of our products, E4 is the first
Italian system vendor to supply worldwide famous research centers and Organizations as well as
Booth: 514
The European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) delivers integrated computing services to European
researchers, driving innovation and enabling new solutions to answer the big questions of
tomorrow. EGI’s mission is to allow researchers of all fields to make the most out of the latest
computing technologies for the benefit of their research, and to support the online ERA.
EMC Deutschland GmbH
Booth: 241
EMC is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations
and deliver information technology as a service (ITaaS). Fundamental to this transformation is
cloud computing. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud
computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable
asset, information, in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way. EMC ranks 152 in the Fortune 500
and had reported revenues of $20 billion in 2011, the largest revenue year in EMC’s 33-year history.
EPCC, Edinburgh University
Booth: 647
EPCC is a unique centre for advanced computing. We research and develop novel computing
solutions; write software; manage computing systems and provide HPC training. Our combination
of computing resources and expertise is unmatched by any European university. Clients and
partners include local and global industry, government and academia.
Booth: 700
ETP4HPC is an industry-led forum with both industrial and academic members. The ETP4HPC aims
to improve the competitiveness of European HPC industry, benefiting the entire European economy.
The ETP4HPC defines the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for the HPC technology and discusses
with the European Commission on implementing HPC research programs within frameworks like
Booth: 702
EUDAT is a new pan-European data initiative bringing together a unique consortium of 25 partners,
including research communities, national data and high performance computing centers,
technology providers, and funding agencies. EUDAT aims to build a sustainable crossdisciplinary
and cross-national data infrastructure providing a set of shared services to access and preserve
research data.
European Cloud Research
Booth: 664
European Cloud Research is at the forefront in the world. Federation of commercial and open source
based Clouds is explored by European projects such as Contrail
MODAClouds (
). ConPaaS provides a novel fast way of deploying applications
on Clouds, while XtreemFS has developed a reliable Cloud file system. HOST is a regional initiative.
European Open File System (EOFS)
Booth: 515
The EOFS (European Open File System) was founded 15th December 2010 in Munich as a Non-Profit
organization. The purpose of the European Open File System SCE is to promote the establishment
and adoption of open source parallel file systems, sustain and enhance its quality, capabilities and
functionality and ensure that requirements of European organizations, institutions and companies
are upheld.
Booth: 306
Eurotech (ETH.MI) is a global company based in Italy and with subsidiaries in Europe, North America
and Asia. The Eurotech Group develops HPCs, M2M cloud software and miniaturized computers for
special uses (NanoPCs). Eurotech HPC leads for R&D and technology innovation bringing to market
HPC solutions that leverage a long and successful stance in multi-year and multi-million research
projects. Eurotech HPC aims to provide its research and industry customers with the most effective
HPC solutions to accelerate their business helping them to get mission critical results faster.
Booth: 660
EXTOLL GmbH offers high-performance networking technology for HPC. The EXTOLL network
technology has been designed for cutting-edge performance from scratch using a holistic
optimization approach. The EXTOLL interconnection shows superior performance figures with
respect to latency, message rate and bandwidth.
Booth: 261
Since 1984, FileTek has provided Big Data storage virtualization, large-scale data management,
and active archive solutions to corporations, organizations, and government agencies worldwide.
Our global customer base includes telecommunications providers, financial institutions,
scientific/biomedical research organizations, government agencies, healthcare institutions, and
transportation providers. Regardless of the application, FileTek customers achieve the highest level
of data assurance and access at the lowest cost per terabyte of storage with a fully scalable, policy-
driven solution.
Booth: 220
Co-Exhibitor of NVIDIA
FluiDyna offers integrated soft- and hardware solutions in the sophisticated discipline of GPUbased
HPC for renowned customers. Its company name is its agenda: R&D in Computational Fluid
Dynamics account for the company’s core expertise.
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