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Booth: 252
As a world-leading information technology company, HP applies new thinking and ideas to create
more simple, valuable and trusted experiences with technology. Our focus is to continuously
improve the way our customers live and work through technology products and services, form the
individual consumer to the largest enterprise. More information can be found at
More details about HP High Performance Computing products are at
Information about HP worldwide conference series HP-CAST with a focus on all aspects of HPC, HPC
Clouds, Scalable Computing and highly energy efficient systems can be found at
or at
HighPerformanceComputing (aka „HPC Magazine“) is rapidly becoming the reference media
for the HPC and Big Data community. With a solid team of specialists and a growing list of
prestigious, expert signatures in their field, we propose a monthly 360° panorama of the HPC
and Big Data news, technologies, products, research and usages, backed by an elegant, mobile-
adapted Website.
Among HPCMagazine’s main differentiators: its authoritative HPC Development and programming
section featuring state-of-the-art topics always with full source code included. HPC Magazine is
now published in French, but international versions should be launched before the end of the
year. Visit
and subscribe now – it’s totally free! Sponsors may reach us
directly at
Booth: 722
The North-GermanSupercomputing Alliance is a joint project of North-German states. HLRN operates
a distributed supercomputer at the sites Leibniz Universität Hannover and Zuse Institute Berlin. We
deliver high-performance computing services to scientific institutions and support a competence
network bringing together users and scientific consultants.
HLRS Stuttgart
Booth: 741
Co-Exhibitor of Gauss
HLRS − a European Tier 0 center and member of GCS − supports German and European researchers
with leading edge supercomputing technology and services. Industrial support goes through hww
GmbH. Special support for SMEs is provided through SICOS GmbH.
innovation and scale
See us at booth #252
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26/04/2013 14:23
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