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HPC Advisory Council
Booth: 485
The HPC Advisory Council’s mission is to bridge the gap between HPC use and its potential. Join us on
June 16 for the 2013 European Conference, in conjunction with ISC’13, and on June 17 – 19 for the 2nd
HPCAC-ISCStudent Cluster Challenge, where students will race to demonstrate the greatest performance
across a series of benchmarks and applications. To learn more, visit
HPC in the Cloud
Booth: 671
Co-Exhibitor of HPCwire
HPC in the Cloud is the only portal dedicated to covering high-end cloud computing in science,
industry and the data center.The publicationprovides technology decision-makers and stakeholders
in the high performance computing industry (spanning government, industry, and academia) with
the most accurate and current information on developments happening in the point where high
performance and cloud computing intersect. Visit:
Booth: 671
HPCwire is the #1 news and information resource covering the fastest computers in the world and
the people who run them. With a legacy of world-class editorial and topnotch journalism, HPCwire
is the portal of choice selected by science, technology and business professionals interested in
high performance and data-intensive computing. For topics ranging from latebreaking news and
emerging technologies in HPC, to new trends, expert analysis, and exclusive features, HPCwire
delivers it all and remains the HPC communities’ most reliable and trusted resource. Subscribe at
HSS-State Key Laboratory of High-end Server & Storage Technology
Booth: 713
HSS – the technology engin of INSPE l Achievements n Tianhe-1A in Tianjin, China n Sunway petascale
computer in Jinan n 32-way high-end server−TSK1 n 8-way IA framework server – TS850 n PB-level mass
storage system n Cluster Job Management Software n Cluster Monitor & Alarm Management software.
Booth: 300
IBM High Performance Computing. Data-intensive. Energy-efficient. Intuitive.
Success in Technical Computing is about more than compute power. That is why IBM brings together
enterprise-class, leading edge technologies for compute, storage, and systems networking,
accompanied by a powerful, intuitive software portfolio to manage clusters, workloads and data.
Organizations can improve productivity by leveraging a powerful portfolio of performance optimized
systems and software. IBM Platform Computing software brings industry leading management
capability for Technical Computing users of all sizes. This comprehensive set of management
capabilities provide built-in automation, intelligence and cloud technologies to reduce start-up
and operational complexity. IBM’s systems provide high performance, dense and power efficient
compute, storage and networking capabilities that can address the problems today, while advancing
to solve problems of tomorrow.
Booth: 462
Fully dedicated to storage solutions, Infortrend has a strong technological base that includes one
of the best R&D teams in the industry. Our expertise covers all aspects of storage systems including
hardware, firmware, software & system integration. To ensure product excellence, all our systems are
designed & manufactured in-house. Our core brands are the ESVA, EonStor DS & EonNAS families.
InnoDisk Corp.
Booth: 380
Innodisk is dedicated to providing mission critical memory solutions to the Server Industry. We
deliver qualified, fully tested high performance server memory and flash storage solutions for use
in Servers in Cloud, HPC, Big data Analysis and Data Centre applications. With our own purpose-
built memory production facility, we can provide flexible production that caters to our customers.
insideHPC.com is the leading source for up-to-the-minute news and commentary on what matters
most to HPC stakeholders. Covering cutting edge hardware and software developments to new
business models and discoveries accelerated by the power of supercomputing, insideHPC is
updated continually with the latest news on matters of interest to the global HPC community.
EDITORIAL: When you want to reach the most engaged HPC audience on the Internet, get in touch
with us at news
ADVERTISING inquiries should be sent to:
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