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Booth: 713
Co-Exhibitor of HSS
INSPUR has computing servers, management system, and the optimization services of GPU & MIC,
and being involved in many China national HPC projects. Our English version of the first MIC book
(Chinese) will publish soon.
Institute of Cybernetics NAS of Ukraine
Booth: 603
Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics (GIC) is the leading supercomputing center of Ukraine and
resource center of Ukrainian National Grid. Since its foundation in 1957 GIC provides academic
users with access to its HPC recources, develops computing theory and software. GIC software
applications mostly target oil and gas industry including underground hydrodynamics, seismics
and well-log processing.
Booth: 341 + 350
Intel Corporation is the world leader in silicon innovation and develops technologies, products
and initiatives to continually advance the pace of your science and discovery. Founded in 1968
Intel introduced the world’s first microprocessor in 1971. Today, we supply the computing and
communications industries with chips, boards, systems, and software building blocks that are the
”ingredients“ of computers, servers and networking and communications products. These products
are used by industry members to create advanced computing and communications systems. Our
mission is to be the preeminent building block supplier used in consumer, enterprise and technical
computing. We believe in innovation. We’re driven by it. We live by it and it’s this principle that
led us to create the world’s first microprocessor back in 1971. Today, Intel is behind everything
from some of the fastest processors in the world to the fabrics that power high-speed Internet. The
technology we invent today will shape the world’s future. See
Intersect360 Research is a market intelligence, research, analysis and consulting company
serving suppliers, users, and policy makers across the High Performance Computing industry. Our
research focuses on understanding end-user dynamics to provide a unique 360-degree view of the
technology and trends that will affect the dynamics of this complex industry.
Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC)
Booth: 710
The Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) operates the national HPC service providing
compute resources and software expertise for the research communities across all the main science
disciplines through collaborative partnerships and programmes of education. ICHEC is an active
participant in EU-wide HPC consortia allowing Ireland’s scientists access to worldclass computing
iSGTW is an international weekly online publication that covers distributed computing and the
science it enables. The publication reports on the latest research across all scientific fields and
provides in-depth analysis of all aspects of distributed computing technology, including grids,
clouds, HPC, and more. Subscribe at
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