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Obsidian Strategics
Booth: 383
Obsidian Strategics™ is the developer of Longbow™ Technology, a family of communications
products delivering very fast, lossless data transmission over optical networks using the
InfiniBand protocol. Longbows are deployed in Military/ Intelligence programs, NASA and DOE
laboratories and various civilian facilities over Campus, Metro, Regional or Global Area Networks.
One Stop Systems
Booth: 670
One Stop Systems leads the industry in introducing its line of PCI Express-based products. This
latest architecture is revolutionizing the computing industry by increasing the bus speed up to
16 times faster than 64-bit PCI and 80 times faster than Gigabit Ethernet. One Stop Systems has
been instrumental in defining PCI Express in industrial computers and introducing its MAX Express
product line.
Booth: 421
OVH is Europe number one web hosting company. Founded in 1999 the French company counts
today more than 600 persons in 16 countries. OVH masters the whole value chain for remote
computing science. In September 2012, OVH integrates Oxalya as a full-fledged trademark of the
group. Oxalya’s historical core activity, since 2005, is to provide computing and visualization
infrastructures. Gradually, it has diversified its activities by developing software for the
management of HPC infrastructures and simulation remote services. As of 2008, Oxalya launched
the first fully automated offer of computing on demand and delivered 3 millions computation
hours to the French market. In June 2013, based on a recognized knowhow, OVH-Oxalya launches
the first HPC Cloud offer dedicated to high performance simulation. HPCSpot enables a full or
partial outsourcing of the simulation chain while keeping a high level of security, usability and
Booth: 101
Panasas designs high performance parallel storage solutions for technical computing
applications and big data workloads. Panasas
scale-out storage appliances use the
PanFS parallel file system to deliver superior performance, data protection, scalability
and manageability. Panasas products are optimized for high-demand storage applications in
bioscience, energy, government, finance, manufacturing, media and other core research and
development sectors.
Partec Cluster Competence Center
Booth: 515+700
Co-Exhibitor of EOFS and ETP4HPC
ParTec Cluster Competence Center delivers the software, consultancy and support services
necessary to achieve new heights in productivity and availability on todays commodity based
supercomputers. Parastation, an opensource project developed and maintained by ParTec, has
unique features specifically designed to address the challenges of scalability and reliability
on extremely large clusters. ParTec’s unrivaled expertise in delivering professional services,
consultancy and support has made it the partner of choice in some of the leading HPC sites
across Europe.
Get relaxed with ParTec!
The Cluster Competence that enables stability and efficiency.
Learn more about the
- family and how
to do an efficient High Performance Computing!
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