Looking for Healthy Outcomes for Australians? Computer Experts Wanted

Peter R. Taylor 

March 2014 saw the launch of yet another venture by American biologist and entrepreneur J. Craig Venter. Having created the Human Genome project, the Global Ocean Sampling Expedition and Synthetic genomics he has now added Human Longevity Inc.(HLI). With start-up funding of US $70 million, the aim of HLI is to develop tools and techniques aimed at bringing better health to the world’s increasingly ageing population. On their website, HLI’s goals are “to build the world’s most comprehensive database on human genotypes and phenotypes to tackle the diseases associated with aging-related human biological decline.” 


The Computational Power of Camp Nou

Filippo Mantovani

I joined the Barcelona Supercomputing Center almost a year ago and have always been impressed by the proximity of the BSC facilities to Camp Nou stadium. It is quite an interesting experience working late on a night of the European football Champions League because from my office I can hear the choruses of the supporters and almost see the upper part of the bleachers -- such an emotion being so close to one of the largest stadiums in the world.


Smart Acceleration for Clusters

The DEEP and DEEP-ER projects are different from other European exascale ventures: Of course, we push the envelope with regards to HPC system architecture, like almost everyone in this business does. But, we also explore the outer limits when it comes to programming models. After all, according to our philosophy of exascale computing is all about the system as a whole.


The Different Colors of HPC

Vorname Name
Wolfgang Gentzsch

There is no doubt that the benefits especially for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) of using HPC within their design and development processes can be huge. For example, producing better quality products, enjoying a higher return on investment (ROI), avoiding product failure early in the design process, and shortening time to market. Why then are most of the engineers and scientists still running simulations just on their workstations, when many are regularly dissatisfied with the performance? The main reason is that the alternatives present some significant challenges.



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High Performance Communication

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Tom Vander Aa

In the late 90s I was teaching parallel programming in C using MPI to students. The most important lesson I wanted them to remember is that communication is much more important than computation. The form of the benchmark couldn't be more common: a set of convolutional filters applied to an image, one filter after the other in a pipelined fashion.


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