Is Qatar About to Join the Supercomputing Club?

Gary Johnson

The Qatar National Convention Center was recently the venue for the first meeting of the User Forum of Qatar’s newly commissioned computing infrastructure institute. The National Computing Infrastructure for Research (NCIR) is the latest addition to the Qatar Foundation’s collection of R&D institutes. Is NCIR about to place Qatar on the TOP500 list and join the supercomputing club?


Think ISC is Just a Trade Show? – Think Again!

Bernd Mohr

The International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) developed from a small expert workshop in Mannheim back in 1986 into a full-blown five-day technical HPC conference today. Now in its 29th year, ISC is the world’s oldest and Europe’s most important conference and networking event for the HPC community. What bugs me is I still run into people who make their living in the HPC or the broader scientific computing world, but think it is not worth going to the conference because they went there a decade ago and got the impression it is just a vendor trade show with some big-name keynote talks. Or my favorite: some friend of theirs attended a decade ago and told them about it … but they were never there themselves.


Potholes on the Road to Exascale

John Barr
John Barr

Sometimes the HPC industry gets excited by the hype surrounding progress towards Exascale systems. But we need to remember that building an Exascale system is not an end in itself. The purpose of such a machine is to run applications, and to deliver insights that could not be achieved with less powerful systems.


International Supercomputing Conference Offers Something for Everyone

tl_files/isc/images/bloggers/Nages Sieslack.jpg
Nages Sieslack

This year’s International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’14), which will convene in Leipzig, Germany this summer (June 22 through 26), reflects how much high performance computing has changed in the last quarter of a century. The days of HPC solely as an academic exercise for researchers and computer scientists are over. ISC’14 will be as much about commercial HPC as it is about the latest and greatest supercomputers that inhabit national labs.


Is the Killer App Dead?

Gary Johnson

HPC is a tool. We use it to solve problems and make discoveries. At the highest end of HPC, it’s all about capability, not capacity. How does one demonstrate or sell a new capability? Since its inception, the approved solution to this problem has been the killer app.


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