Is co-design for exascale computing a false hope?

Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones

It has become a common, even required, mantra at conferences and workshops discussing exascale – that co-design is essential to achieve performance at exascale. The idea is that optimum performance for the science/mission within the constraints of cost, power, etc. is only achievable if we can modify both the hardware and application software roadmaps in conversation with each other.


High Performance Computing by Any Other Name Smells So Sweet

Peter ffoulkes
Peter ffoulkes

Despite the many successful and revenue generating businesses created from capabilities initiated and developed within the HPC community, there are still those within the enterprise computing sector that view HPC as the lunatic fringe and the “Brains and No Money” brigade.


CSCS moves into its new computer centre in Lugano

Simone Ulmer
Simone Ulmer

The staff at CSCS - The Swiss Center for Scientific Computing, have moved to their new office at Lugano-Cornaredo. The new ultra-modern office building will provide ideal working conditions for this innovative team of people. The supercomputers will follow in April, where they will be installed in the new facility which is to house Switzerland's high-performance computers for the next 40 years.


Mediterranean Mega computing

Dr. Alan O'Cais

In 2008 I moved from Australia to the equally sunny, but significantly smaller, island of Cyprus to become one of the scientific coordinators at the recently founded Cyprus Institute.  More particularly, I was a member of the Computation-based Science and Technology Research Centre (which thankfully was abbreviated to CaSToRC soon afterwards). One of my main roles there was to work on the LinkSCEEM project.


Guten Tag, Bonjour, Buongiorno, Bun di – HPC News from Switzerland

Michele De Lorenzi

We at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) are very happy about the new opportunity to blog for the International Supercomputing Conference.

It is important for many exhibitors and participants at ISC to be kept informed about each other’s activities during the 51 weeks separating the two exhibitions.


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