Satoshi Matsuoka Talks about International Collaboration and Exascale Developments in Japan



On Tuesday, June 24, one of Japan’s leading HPC experts, Professor Satoshi Matsuoka, will deliver a keynote titled “If You Can’t Beat Them, Lead Them – Convergence of Supercomputing and Next Generation ‘Extreme’ Big Data.” In this thought-provoking talk, Matsuoka will share why he believes that supercomputer architectures will converge with those of big data and serve a crucial technological role for the industry. His assertion will be exemplified with a number of recent Japanese research projects in this area, including the JST-CREST “Extreme Big Data” project. In a recent interview with Primeur, he talks about international collaborations, exascale developments in Japan as well as shares his thoughts on ISC'14.

Matsuoka spoke to Ad Emmens, the editor of Primeur at the recent 2nd International Conference on Research Infrastructures - ICRI 2014 that took place in Athens, Greece. Matsuoka visited ICRI 2014 to represent some of the HPC projects in Japan. He shared with Primeuer his views on the importance of international collaboration for software and hardware development in e-Infrastructures, the Japanese HPC ecosystem leading up to exascale -- hopefully by 2020, and the role of the International Supercomputing Conference ISC'14.



This interview originally appeared on  and the excerpt is reprinted here with permission.

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