June 22–26, 2014
Leipzig, Germany

Jason Stowe

Founder & CEO, Cycle Computing

Jason Stowe is a seasoned entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of Cycle Computing, the leader in Utility HPC software. Jason believes the role of Cycle Computing is to develop and provide software to enable greater access to Utility HPC, leading to an era of increased invention, and scientific discovery. Under Jason’s leadership, Cycle Computing products have helped Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries including Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Insurance, and Government. Jason has been featured in York Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired, BusinessWeek, Bio-IT World and Forbes. Starting with three initial Fortune 100 clients, Jason has grown the business to deploy proven implementations at Fortune 500s, SMBs and government and academic institutions including JP Morgan Chase, The Hartford Insurance Group, Johnson & Johnson, Purdue University, Pfizer and Lockheed Martin.