JULY 12–16, 2015

Presentation Details

Name: Domain-Specific Representations in Code Generation for Mesh-Based Computational Science Applications
Time: Monday, July 13, 2015
01:40 pm - 02:00 pm
Room:   Analog 1 + 2
Messe Frankfurt
Speaker:   Paul Kelly, Imperial College London
Abstract:   We have become used to the idea that higher-level languages supporting a higher level of abstraction come with a price in performance.  In contrast, we should expect that the more information the compiler has about the structure and properties of our code, the more scope it should have for optimisation. This talk is about our experience of trying to make good on this idea. We are building software tools for a class of computational science applications, where we support a concise high-level programming model, while mapping onto a high-performance implementation entirely automatically.  Our compiler is based around three layers of domain-specific program representation, each supporting different optimisations. The resulting software tools, implemented in Python, achieve higher performance than established C++ and Fortran codes.