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The HPC Event.

ISC High Performance is a global conference and exhibition for high-performance computing, networking and storage. Moving into the 31th year, ISC offers a strong five-day technical program with a wide range of expert speakers, and exhibits from 160 leading research centers and companies. A number of events complement the technical program, including tutorials, workshops, contributed sessions, industry sessions and satellite events.
We estimate 2,600 like-minded HPC researchers, technology leaders, scientists and IT-decision makers to get together and find solutions for HPC challenges for 2015 and beyond.

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Cloud Meets HPC.

The fifth international conference on high-performance computing and data processing in the Cloud took place on September 29-30, 2014 in Heidelberg, Germany. The aim was to bring together experts from research and industry to learn about, discuss and exchange their experience in designing, building, operating, and using compute- and data-intensive cloud services, and how to overcome the roadblocks and challenges. The conference included an industry keynote followed by various industrial and academic sessions, a hands-on expert panel and a vendor panel. Not to mention our get-together party, in this wonderful historic city of Heidelberg!

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From Data to Knowledge.

Returning after a successful first year, the ISC Big Data conference took place immediately after ISC Cloud, on October 1-2, 2014 in Heidelberg, Germany. ISC Big Data brings together experts from research and industry to learn about, discuss and exchange information on all relevant areas of 'Big Data'. Topics to be covered at Big Data included Security and Privacy Issues in Big Data, Big Data and the Internet of Thing, Visual Analytics and more! Presentations were based on success stories and real-life case studies.

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